1. 67-kaz2y5:

    I could be a billionaire and I’d still illegally download music  

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  2. lustire:

    when super cute boys have low standards 


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  4. cheyennecheyenne:

    I am constantly craving intimacy

    Not in the sexual sense, but simply to be close and feel close to someone

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  7. khaliasenpai:


    tell me a secret

    one time in high school i was sick with strep throat but the school refused to let me leave until after lunch and i was miserable all morning. so as revenge i coughed on my hands and rubbed them all up and down the stair well railing because i was angry and miserable.

    about a month later literally half the school was sick with strep and bad colds. oops.

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  8. shutitshelby:



    when u drink water u r 70% cannibal

    i made this fucking post when i was so fucking stoned and youre still reblogging it why

    because it’s fucking hilarious

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  9. gang0fwolves:

    when a bunch of your favorite artists release new music at the same time

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